Born to fly, the Roamer wingboard line is designed to meet all the challenges of modern wingfoiling with its instant forward drive and stable feel. Sporty and responsive, yet also minimising the early complexities of learning to ride, the carefully tuned shape ensures the easiest handling whatever the weather or water surface.

Even the smallest 55L Roamer provides a real sense of stability even at slow speed, meaning that water launches have never been easier. The double concave bottom shape ensures quick take-offs and is also forgiving on touchdowns. High-volume concave rails are sharply designed for easy release and quickly distribute water away from the centre of the board for a confidence inspiring centre of gravity.

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CORE Roamer

*CORE ROAMER Wingboard 55l
*CORE ROAMER Wingboard 70l
*CORE ROAMER Wingboard 90l
*CORE ROAMER Wingboard 110l
*CORE ROAMER Wingboard 130l

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